Windscreen Repair Facts

Let’s face it, automobiles are expensive and confusing. You never know that something is wrong until it starts smoking, or even worse, stops running completely. But with a windscreen you can see when something is wrong and you can fix it before it gets worse. If you see a crack or a chip in your windscreen it is time to take it to an auto glass specialist to see what needs to be done. Most small cracks and chips can be fixed rather than having to get your windscreen replaced. Of course, if you do not get it fixed it will just get worse until you need a new one. Here at NORTH WEST CAR GLASS in London we can give you a free estimate and we will even come to you. Here are some facts that you may need to know before you give us a call: 0800 084 2929

Can it Be Fixed or Do I Need a Replacement?

Most small chips or cracks can be fixed as long as they are not directly in the driver’s line of sight. If the damage is smaller than a dollar bill, if you have only one or two chips, and if the damage is not on the very edge of the windscreen it can be repaired. Do not be afraid to ask questions. If the glass technician says you need a new one and you only have a small crack, ask them why and then get a second opinion. Make sure the repair shop is licensed and guarantees their work. Here at NORTH WEST CAR GLASS our technicians are certified with the National Glass Association and guarantee our workmanship for the life of your car.

How Much Does It Cost and Will My Insurance Cover It?

Most automobile insurance companies cover any windscreen repair 100% if you have full or comprehensive insurance. If they charge a deductible you will be responsible for that portion. In many cases, the cost of the repair is less than the deductible so you will probably want to pay it rather than bill it to your insurance North West Car Glass. The cost is usually only around $50. If you do want to bill your insurance, we at NORTH WEST CAR GLASS will take care of that and do the paperwork.

How Long Will It Take?

As long as your vehicle has been dry for the past 24 hours, the repair only takes about a half an hour. If it has rained recently and your vehicle got wet, you will have to keep it dry for 24 hours before NORTH WEST CAR GLASS can repair the damage because the moisture can make the curing process fail and the damage will have to be repaired again.

Will it Look New Again?

How it looks after the repair depends on what the damage is and how long you waited to get it fixed. If you wait, rain and vibrations cause the crack or chip to do more damage to the layer of silicone inside the windscreen. As long as you bring it in as soon as possible we can make it look as good as new or close to it. Give us a call and we will come to you and give you an estimate wherever you are in the London area.

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