We always first attempt to repair your chipped or cracked windscreen before replacing windscreen with the brand new and best quality in Manchester. This will save you both money and time.

Windscreen Chip RepairWindscreen chip repair can be done only on laminated car glass and windscreens, which nowadays all the vehicles have laminated windscreens installed purely for safety reasons. If your car windscreen is chipped, we recommend that it gets repaired as soon as possible. Because after a while the chip on your windscreen will develop into a crack. At this stage the old cracked windscreen need to be replaced and unfortunately it can not be repaired. Windscreen chips will cause your car to fail in an MOT test.

It will also risk your visibility while driving. In repairing your car windscreen, our technician will assess and clean the damaged area, before injecting epoxy resin into the chipped area. After injecting the epoxy resin, the chipped area will be cured with an Ultra Violet light which covers and strengthens the chipped area. Repairing your car windscreen has two advantages: One, it will restores strength of your car windscreen the same as strength of your windscreen before damage. Two, it will improve your visibility while driving and add safer driving vision.

Do you have a scratched windscreen?

If your windscreen is scratched we will try to fix it for you, otherwise it has to be replaced.

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