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Pesky Animals Damaging Your Windscreen

Are the squirrels throwing acorns at your windscreen again? There has been a bunch of calls from angry vehicle owners and insurance companies complaining about the damage they are doing to the windscreens of the vehicles around London. But, at NORTH WEST CAR GLASS we can help repair damaged windscreens. The main thing you need to know is that you have to do something about it right away. If you wait, it will just get worse and could result in having to get a whole new windscreen put in, which will cost a lot more and take much longer.

How Do I Know If It Needs to Be Repaired?

No matter whether it is a chip, crack or even just a scratch, you need to get it repaired or it can jeopardize the safety of you and your passengers. It can also get you a citation from a law enforcement officer if it is in your line of sight. Here are some of the reasons while you cannot wait.


Even a small crack can block your vision and create the possibility of an accident. Also, a crack in your windscreen can cause a distorted view and fragment the light from the sun or other vehicles’ headlights, causing you or another driver to be temporarily blinded. Also, a crack will most definitely spread and continue spreading until it is repaired. In most cases, you will need to get a replacement windscreen.


Almost any chip can be repaired pretty fast and fairly cheap. In fact, many insurance companies will waive their deductible and pay for the full chip repair rather than have you wait and possibly have to get a new windscreen. As long as the chip is not right in the line of sight of the driver, it can be repaired and you will not need a new windscreen if you get it repaired right away. NORTH WEST CAR GLASS in London can fix any chip in about 30 minutes.


A scratch does not seem like a big deal, but it can alter the view of the driver or the driver of another vehicle. Also, like cracks, a scratch can refract light and shine into the eyes of the driver or the driver of another vehicle, causing an accident. A scratch can usually be buffed out by a certified technician in minutes.

Shattered Windscreens

Of course, you will need a new windscreen if yours is shattered for any reason. You should NEVER drive a vehicle with a shattered windscreen because the roof is no longer being fully supported and could collapse at any time, injuring whoever is inside. Our expert technicians at NORTH WEST CAR GLASS can replace your windscreen in about an hour and they can come to you anywhere in the London area. In most cases, your insurance North West Car Glass will pay for the replacement and we will do all of the paperwork for you. Just give us a call at 0770 755 0375 and we will give you a free estimate. And watch out for those squirrels.

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