Our technicians are highly expertised and can help solve any windscreen related problem. Our offices are open 7 days in a week to help you. We provide windscreen repair and replacement services for cars and all types of commercial and personal vehicle. We also expertise in mobile service, therefore you can give us a call from your choice of place and we come and pick your car work on it and then leave the car at your choice of place. So now you don’t have to take leave from your job to repair your windscreens.

Expertise and continuous Improvement

Our technicians are fully trained in automotive glass and glazing industry. From beginning, they are provided with constant support and encouragement, which equips them with the advanced skills required in the ever-changing automotive glazing industry.

The training process includes ‘on the job’ training to ensure that our technicians are able to deliver the highest and best quality standard services to our customers demand.

Our technicians are kept up-to-date. They are supplied with the latest technical information reports, step-by-step guides to car windscreen replacement, car windscreen chip repair and car glass repair & replacement procedures. The company also provides a 24-hour technical support service line.

We are responsible for identifying, evaluating and applying new procedures, materials and equipment. We are also committed to continuously look for initiatives to enhance the technical quality and safety of our windscreen repair and replacement and glazing services.


Efficient and agile service without jeopardizing quality

Our priority is quality and customer satisfaction. Our technicians are committed to excellence quality. We have gathered our expertise over a long period of hard working. Our experience is also accumulated over years of working in every aspect of any car windscreen repair, car windscreen replacement and car door and body glass replacement process. Our highly-skilled technicians achieve high levels of training according to up to date standards and evolving techniques.

Windscreen with a stone chip easily develops into a crack, so if you see a chip in your windscreen please consult us or call us now: 07707 550375 or 0800 084 29 29. These can slowly develop into a crack then the car may suffer an automatic MOT failure. We will repair stone chips by injecting them with resin. You can call and rely on us for any windscreen service we are expertised windscreen repair and replacement company,

Our prices are cheaper for the 3rd party, please contact us for details. We have great work experience with car glass manufacturers and suppliers.

We cover a 100 mile radious from Manchester SK5 7AP area

Feel daunted by the burden of long calls and paperwork with your insurance company? We can deal directly with your insurance company on your behalf to make this easier for you.
Call us for a quote on 07707550375  (Our phone lines are open 7 days a week)